Blemish Balm LIGHT - 40ml

Blemish Balm LIGHT - 40ml

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Perfect for oily skin.

Originally, Blemish Balm was used to soothe stressed skin and conceal redness after a GREEN PEEL© Herbal Peeling treatment Classic thanks to its anti-inflammatory and calming effects. But as the cream was introduced, it soon became clear that Blemish Balm offers many other application possibilities as well.

Blemish Balm – The original with 6 in 1 problem solutions

  • Helps with various skin problems
  • Conceals impurities
  • Evens out redness
  • Refines the pores
  • Has a soothing and regenerating effect
  • Provides a perfect and even complexion

Also suitable as a make-up base. Comes in 3 shades.